IDS 575 Statistical Models and Methods for Business Analytics

Edition: Spring 2019

Document version: Oct 22 2018


The goal of this class is to cover the foundations of modern statistics and machine learning complementing the data mining focus of IDS 572. In other words, the objective of the class is to bring students up to speed with the requisite background as well as expose them to the key theoretical underpinnings of modern analytics. We will do so through the lens of statistical machine learning.

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Textbook and Materials



Lectures (tentative)

  1. 01/14 : Supervised Learning: Linear Models and Least Squares, k-Nearest Neighbor Methods
  2. 01/28 : Towards Regression: Statistical Decision Theory, Curse of Dimensionality, Linear Regression, Categorical Variables, Interaction Terms
  3. 02/04 : Regression I: Bias-variance Trade-off, Subset Selection, Cross-Validation
  4. 02/11 : Regression II: Ridge Regression, LASSO (Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator)
  5. 02/18 : Classification: Linear Discriminant Analysis, Logistic Regression, Model Assessment and Selection: AIC, BIC and Validation
  6. 02/25 : The Bootstrap, Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Review of Linear Models
  7. 03/11 : Expectation Maximization and Sampling (Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
  8. 03/18 : Tree Methods, Adaboost and Gradient Boosting
  9. 04/01 : Random Forests, Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines and Support Vector Machines
  10. 04/08 : Kernel Trick, Introduction to Unsupervised Learning, Association Rules
  11. 04/15 : Unsupervised Learning: Clustering, Principal Component Analysis and Spectral Clustering
  12. 04/22 : Time Series and Supervised Learning, The ARMA Model
  13. 04/29 : Review of Non-linear Models and Unsupervised Learning


  1. 01/28: Assignment 1 out. Due on 02/10
  2. 02/11: Assignment 2 out. Due on 02/24
  3. 02/25: Assignment 3 out. Due on 03/17
  4. 04/01: Assignment 4 out. Due on 04/14
  5. 04/15: Assignment 5 out. Due on 04/28


  1. 03/04: Exam I (same venue as lectures, and during class hours)
  2. 05/06: Exam II (same venue as lectures, and during class hours)

Note: Submission deadline for assignments is BEFORE 11.59 PM on the concerned day. Use Blackboard for uploads.




Miscellaneous Information

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